MD300C63 Heavy Duty Professional Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

MD300C63 Heavy Duty Professional Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

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The Oxywatch Model MD300-C63 is a heavily constructed, robust fingertip pulse oximeter unit. This is a full featured standard (ie., non recording) fingertip oximeter from Choicemmed. Designed for accuracy and durability, it has a dual color OLED display with 10 levels adjustable brightness , 4 directions and 6 modes of display to help ensure the proper viewing angle for either the patient or the caregiver professional.

A textured hard finger pad with finger position indicator , helps properly position finger for pediatric or adult use..
The unit runs on two AAA batteries and has an auto power off. feature.
It includes a carrying case and lanyard.


1 year warranty

30-235 beats per minute ; pulse bar graph indicates the intensity of the pulse signal

spo2 range from 70%--99%, ±3%; from 69% and lower, no reading available.
pulse rate accuracy: from 30-235 beats per minute, ±2% or 2 beats per minuter
resolution: for spo2 - displays each 1%. for pulse rate- displays each beat. as with all oximeters,

The Oxywatch MD300-C63 is an Oximeter that is FDA 510k Approved for Medical Use