Choice MD100A12 Handheld ECG

  • $209.66

The MD100A12 is a handheld ECG that is useful in selF checking the user's hear rhythm. Heart attack symptoms, e.g. chest pain, out of breath, and irregular heart rate, can occur anytime and may not happen while the patient is being examined by his doctor. The patient can take a reading using the MD100A12 and then show the data to a doctor for analysis. Take a EKG measurement when the patient is experiencing a problem is the best way to capture the event.

Time is critical in treating a patient with heart problem. Proper monitoring and fast treatment are important for improving the patient's condition.

Accurate Measurement

1. Small, portable and easy to operate;
2. Fast measurement in just 30 seconds;
3. 200 ECG records, each with a 30-second ECG waveform and analysis


Innovational Design
1. Display ECG waveform, heart rate, analysis results;
2. Results transmission to PC by USB mode;
3. Auto power-off time is selectable from 1 to 10min;
4. Dual measuring modes;
5. Keep-it-easy software for record analysis and management;

Ultra-long Standby and Portable
2 batteries upholding at least 500 times measurement;

FDA 510(K)# K080933
Measurement: ECG and heart rate
Leads: I, II, and III
Detailed ECG analysis report
ECG arrhythmia analysis
Convenient cable-free operation
PC software for data management and analysis
ECG cable and electrodes (optional)
Measurement in 30 seconds
Memory for 100 30-second ECG measurements
Continuous measurement supported
Backlit LCD display
Auto power-off in 60 seconds
Low battery indicator
Two AAA batteries included

Technical Specifications
Display screen: 70 x 45mm unicolor LCD
One measurement channel
Signal bandwidth: 0.5 - 75Hz
Sampling rate: 250Hz
Heart rate: 30-100bpm �2; 101-240bpm �4
Dimension: 136 x 84 x 21mm
Weight: 100g (not including two AAA batteries)