Heart Observer Pen

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Using the FDA-cleared Heart Observer Pen device hand-held ECG Monitor (MD100P10) is the next dimension in portability! This portable ECG Monitor for user-friendly monitoring of the heart when-ever, where-ever you like and with USB connection to PC. Put it in your pocket, just like a pen and with a weight of 110gr it will not bother you...but you will have all features of an ECG check at hand!

The MD100P10 Heart Observer Pen is designed for health monitoring at home and "on -the-go"! It is very suitable for users who may suffer from cardiovascular disease, such as hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart diseases, or those who suffer heart-throb or stuffy chest. It can be used to check the heart condition on a regular basis and the stored ECG recordings can be used as a reference for clinical ECG examination.

Cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Easy to use
Accurate heart readings in only 30 seconds
Store up to 20 heart rhythms
Small, portable and easy to operate
No leads required
Measure and record ECG and HR
Two measuring modes for selection
Transmit data to management software on your computer by USB cable (PC based computers only)
Organic Light Emitting Display (OLED) screen display
Auto power-off
Automatic analysis of heart status

Length: 5.1"
Width: 1.1"
Height: 0.78"
Weight: 3.9 oz (with batteries)
Display screen OLED
Batteries 2 AAA Alkaline batteries
Operating temperature 41F - 104F
Storage temperature -4F - 131F
Operating humidity =80%, no condensation
Storage humidity =93%, no condensation
Atmospheric pressure 80kPa - 106kPa


90 Day warranty