CMS50F Wrist Pulse Oximeter

CMS50F Wrist Pulse Oximeter

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The CMS 50F is a FDA registered pulse oximeter that measures and can record SPO2 and Pulse rate data for up to a 24 hour period.

This device is designed specifically for performing sleep studies in that its watch like design keeps the device secure and in place even through most movement.

The unit has audible alarms for both % Oxygen and Pulse rate and the recorded data can be downloaded to a PC for sharing with your doctor or for your own review. There are several reports that can be reviewed once the data is downloaded to your PC. A couple of examples are (click on links to see reports) :

 Summary Chart

 Run Chart

This device is often used to assist people with sleep apnea better understand their breathing patterns and determine the effectiveness of health equipment such as a CPAP machine.

  CMS Model 50F answers the physician, medical, home health care, sports and aviation markets demand for a lightweight, inexpensive monitor for measuring SPO2 oxygen saturation and heart rate during physically active and high-altitude activities. The CMS Model 50F finger pulse oximeter offers the user a greater ability to monitor these vital signs under modest motion and is less expensive than most available devices.

The CMS Model 50F is based on CMS's uniquely patented algorithms that use dual 'see-through' sensor technology for the accurate measurement of blood oxygen saturation levels and heart pulse rate.

Included with the pulse oximeter is a mini software CD to allow printouts and data analysis, a USB charger, usb cable (for both data download and charging), and instruction sheet.  The oximeter has a rechargeable Li-ion battery 

CMS Model 50F finger pulse oximeter will NOT monitor SPO2 during significant activity and movement. You must stop the current activity and take the reading while stationary. Movement will cause readings to be affected by artifact.