Bodimetrics Performance Monitor

  • $299.99

For busy executives, early adapters and just the health conscious, the future is here with the BodiMetrics Performance Monitor. This highly engineered device allows you to easily monitor and track your vital signs data.

This is a hand held patient monitor that combines the functions of a handheld ECG, (systolic) blood pressure device, pulse oximeter, pedometer, clock and thermometer all in one small easy to carry device. This easily represents about $450 in devices if purchased separately.

Also for hospitals or medical practices looking to improve patient outcomes and reduce 30 day hospital readmissions, this tool provides the capability to help patients and providers with the daily data to monitor and manage their health status.

This full featured device is also supported with an optional HIPPA compliant integrated software platform that makes it an ideal solution for remote patient monitoring to add value to any cardiology practice, patient discharge process or chronic condition management program.

BodiMetrics puts Your Well-being in the Palm of Your Hand! Lightweight (3 oz ), small and portable, this industry first product provides audible and visual usage instruction, stores 100 records for up to 4 family members or you can synch your device with our free mobile iOS or Android app. This product provides family members and caregivers peace of mind.

BodiMetrics Performance Monitor captures vital health metrics in the palm of the hand in 20 seconds! YOUR vitals (ECG| Heart Rate| Systolic Blood Pressure| Blood Oxygenation |Temperature); pedometer and medication reminders combined with our algorithms and indices provide health conscious consumers with the information needed to support a healthy lifestyle or maximize fitness regimens.  This capability is demonstrated in the video below.

*Systolic Blood Pressure requires calibration with an accurate external blood pressure measurement (not included) and a recalibration every 3 months.

With one button you can send and share data from your BodiMetrics Performance Monitor with family or your physician through email or other sharing services.

Buy with full confidence as this product has a 2 year warranty. You and your parents can take a daily Body Check, follow pre-programmed Medical Reminders and synch to the Mobile Application daily. Keep on top of things by having a daily report of your parent's vital metrics sent to you by use of the mobile app (free).

The Relax Me function utilizes the ECG and Pulse Oximeter functions to more accurately capture your Heart Rate Variability or HRV for short. Using this measure, you can use relaxation exercises and techniques to reduce stress and improve your health. Handheld ECG devices or Fitness trackers can't do this. See the video below.


 Rate Pressure Product (RPP) is a term used in cardiology and exercise physiology to measure the workload or oxygen demand of the heart. It reflects the efficiency of your circulatory system. RPP is the product of multiplying your Heart Rate times your Systolic Blood Pressure and gives an excellent measure of your optimal heart rate zone. This is not something that a fitness tracker or simple heart rate monitor can do. Athletes and fitness buffs will increase results with optimal Target Heart Rate Zone. The BodiMetrics Performance Monitor capture steps, stride, calorie burn and Target Heart Rate Zone for optimal work outs. Metrics are seamlessly exchanged with the free iOS or Android mobile phone application for reviewing or sharing with family, trainers or trusted advisers. See the video below.

This function, RPP, can be used by athletic departments to screen athletes at risk for cardiac events due to over exertion.

Please note: The BodiMetrics Performance Monitor has been designed to serve only as a monitor of various parameters at home. It is not designed to replace consultations with medical professionals, who are appropriately qualified to diagnose health problems and prescribe or recommend treatments. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT IF YOU HAVE A PACEMAKER, OTHER INTERNAL MEDICAL DEVICE OR ARE PREGNANT. THIS DEVICE IS NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE OR TREAT ANY MEDICAL CONDITION.