Nonin GO2 Achieve Pulse Oximeter

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Nonin Medical invented of the fingertip pulse oximeter and continues to innovate in the field of pulse oximetry. The affordable Nonin GO2 finger pulse oximeter provides you with the knowledge of reliable oxygen saturation and heart rate values without compromising the quality and accuracy that has made Nonin the gold standard and most trusted name in fingertip pulse oximetry.
This product is suitable for home health use for pediatric to large adults and has a two year warranty for non-clinical use.
Accurate reading of SpO2 values is among the most important factors for successful management of LTOT care. With the GO2 fingertip oximeter, engineered with Nonin Medical's proven PureSAT® SpO2 technology (the same technology that's in our medical grade oximeters), you can always trust the oxygen saturation and heart rate values reported by your patients. With over 22 years of manufacturing, engineering and research experience, Nonin has a long-standing reputation for excellence. In fact, 96% of pulmonary rehab facilities use Nonin.
A dependable and accurate tool like the GO2 fingertip oximeter will empower patients with the knowledge and confidence that they can manage this disease and still live a fulfilling life.
The accurate and durable Nonin GO2 Achieve finger pulse oximeter is the most dependable way to monitor for Acute Mountain Sickness. Nonin's products are recognized by the American Alpine Institute and have been to the summit of many of the world's highest peaks including Denali (20,320') and Everest (29,035').
Nonin GO2 Achieve Includes:
Nonin GO2 9570 Finger Pulse Oximeter
Operator's Manual
One AAA alkaline battery