Choice MD300C316 Pulse Oximeter

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The Choice Pulse Oximeter Choice Medical C316 is an FDA Approved oximeter and instantly measures SpO2 (percentage of oxygen saturation in the blood) and Pulse Rate.

This unit provides for recording and retrieval of pulse oximetry dara. It also has a rechargeable lithium battery and a color display.

The Oximeter C316 provides complete oximetry solutions for all your oximetry needs. The C316 Choice Pulse Oximeter is a standard device in all health-care facilities, including hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient surgery centers, physician offices and for home diagnostics.

FDA Approved
Audible, visual and vibrative alarm for SpO2 and PR
USB cable for data transmission and battery charging
Menu management easy to operate
99 ID codes; 72-hour record storage
1.12" OLED displays SpO2 , PR, Choice Pulse bar and waveform
Automatically power off after finger out for 8 seconds
Suitable for pediatric and adult


Low Battery Indicator
SpO2 upper and lower limits
PR upper and lower limits
Audible, visual, and vibrate modes
USB interface

Operation Temp: 41°F - 104°F
Storage Temp: -4°F - 86°F for 1 year; -4°F - 113°F for 3 months
Operation Humidity: 20% - 85%, non-condensing
Storage Humidity: less than 85%, non-condensing
Electromagnetic Compatibility
This product complies with IEC60601-1-2 for electromagnetic compatibility Class B
USB Cable
AC/DC Adapter
User Manual
MedView Software
Patient Range
Adult and Pediatrics
Range: 70% - 99%
Accuracy: 70% - 99%: ±3%; less than or equal to 69%: No definition
Resolution: ±1%
Choice Pulse Rate
Range: 30bpm - 235bpm
Accuracy: 30 - 99bpm: ±2bmp; 100 - 235bpm: ±2%
Resolution: ±1bpm
Battery life: 30 continuous hours of operation
Dimensions and Weight
1.12" OLED display
SpO2, PR, Choice Pulse bar, Plethysmogram
4 display modes
Adjustable 7 levels of Brightness
Data Records: Up to 72 hours
ID setup: 99 patient ID codes

Model: SP080
Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
Typical lithium ion battery: 300 cycles
Charging Temperature: 32 - 104 degrees Fahrenheit