Micro Ambulatory ECG Recorder

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The Dimetek Micro Ambulatory ECG Recorder (FDA approved) is a portable, easy-to-use device designed to monitor heart condition outside a hospital. The greatest feature of this device is its realization of continuous dynamic ECG recording in free movement (ie., you can you it to record while moving like a holter device) ; the data is reliable and meet medical standards.

Multiple modes available:

Quick mode: Prompt capture of ECG information in sudden cardiac events. (Less than one minute; skin and touch pad connection)

Holter mode: 24 hours ECG recording in free movements (lead cable electrode connection).

Event mode: Marks can be made when users not feeling well, and the marks will be shown on the ECG waveform. ( lead cable electrode connection)
Monitor mode: 32 hours ECG recording; light and sound alarms in abnormal heart condition ( lead cable electrode connection)

It is especially helpful in capturing unexpected heart problems to provide references for more effective clinical diagnosis. Using the Micro Ambulatory ECG Recorder can discover an ECG abnormity in an early stage without hospitalization. Using the monitor during exercise or after cardiac surgeries to monitor unstable ECG activities may prevent further complications.